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HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. provides services in power system engineering design, studies, installation assistance and commissioning.

We diligently work with every client to fully understand the needs and expectations for their project(s).

Our highly qualified staffs are committed to finding creative and cost effective solutions to your most complex design challenges.


We know from A to Z of the nuclear plants electrical design under ECC process.
Our staff have worked on several projects in the following nuclear plants:
Bruce Power, Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Darlington Plant, New Brunswick (NB) Power, Point Lepreau Plant
, Hydro Quebec

Protection & Control

HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. provides Protection & Control engineering services for electrical utilities and Transmission & Distribution systems. We specialize in implementation of integrated protection systems using the most popular relays such as GE, SEL, ABB, Siemens and other IEDs applied on electric power systems.
HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. P & C Engineering Services include:

Improvement in Protection Relay Performance
In case of a protection relay failure, a cascading failure followed by a large-scale outage is expected. It is essential that the actual operation of the existing protection relay be constantly reviewed. This includes the validity of the relay setting. Additionally, the computation analyses and surveys on operation of the protection relay during the potential disturbance are to be conducted for the current and future system in order to prevent a malfunction. HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. has a wealth of experiences in operation practices regarding the reviewing of the relay operation analysis and setting coordination.

Transmission Lines

HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. offers independent advice, expertise and coaching based on our extensive experience in Substation Automation, Smart Grid, SCADA, Telemetry, Tele-Protection and communications in T&D Power Generation and distribution networks.
HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. is pioneer in new smart substation automation utilizing SCADA systems which is based on the flexible IEC 61850 standards for communication and integration of new smart IED and IEC 61970/61968 (CIM – Common Information Model) for the integration into the control center. A Control & Monitoring system such as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and Distribution Automation System (DAS) is one of the most important systems for transmission, distribution and substation. The power system improves its reliability by enabling remote operation from control center, adequate monitoring of equipment operation, and automated operation for fault recovery.
HB POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERING LTD. has been engaged in improvement of the SCADA systems for many years. We have developed the automated substation control schemes combined with distribution automation system. In case of distribution line fault, the system automatically generates fault recover procedures and assists operators for remote operation of substation switchgears and distribution line isolators from control center.

Power System Study

Current Projects:
1. Argo, Harleyville Cement Plant Power System Study – Draft report has been issued in November 2014
2. McInnis Cement Plant through ThyssenKrupp (Polysius). Powers System Study
3. Suncor Mississauga Lube Plant Power system study, Short Circuit, Load Flow, Harmonics, Ground Grid Design and Arc Flash Studies.

Feasibility Study & Detail Design

Our services comprise:
General layout and planning, Basic design, Cost estimation, Economic and financial analysis, Plant configuration and control philosophy, Plant performance evaluation, Dynamic simulation and transient analysis, Process engineering and sizing, Equipment sizing and technical procurement, Plant operation and performance guarantee tests

We design: