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Power System Study

HB PSE Main focus is Electrical Power System Design and Analysis.
We have a sound background in providing design and engineering in a variety of industrial sectors. (Petrochemical, Mining, Cement, T&D, Power Generation and Nuclear).

Our design meet all applicable codes: CSA N285, CEC, NEC and standards such as ISA, IEEE, ANSI, NEMA, IEC, etc.
We are member of Professional Engineers Associations in several provinces and states in Canada and USA.
POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS: We perform all system studies
SOFTWARE We are proficient in most of power system analysis software such as: ETAP, CAPE, ASPEN, EDSA, CYME, EMTP, EasyPower and SKM Power Tools
MISSION STATEMENT: Delivering the highest possible quality of engineering projects within the time schedule and budget meeting the client’s requirement.
* Power system studies for Suncor Mississauga Lube Plant
* Fidelity DesignBase Modeling and Power System Studies
* MWRA Chiller Replacement SC PDE PDC Arc Flash Report Rev6-USA
* Power system studies for McINNIS Cement Plant, Quebec
* Power system studies for Suncor Mississauga Lube Plant
* Power system studies for Argo, Harleville Cement Plant
* Power system studies for Lafarge, Exshaw Cement Plant

We provide Superior Training in:
GROUP A: Microgrid Distributed Generation which includes
* Microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) – Basics
* Microgrids and DER – Conventional Studies
* Computer Modeling Examples
* Review of IEEE Standards
GROUP B: Conventional Power System Studies
* SHORT CIRCUIT GROUP (Short circuit, Protection, Arc Flash)
* POWER FLOW GROUP (Optimal PF, Unbalance LF, Time series, Voltage stability, Contingency)
* TRANSIENT STABILITY GROUP (Electro-magnetic transient simulation, Motor starting, EMTAP)
* POWER QUALITY GROUP (Harmonics, Flicker, Reliability)

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