HB-PSE | Hb Power System Engineering Ltd.

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Protection & Control

HB-PSE provides Protection & Control engineering services for electrical utilities and Transmission & Distribution systems. We specialize in implementation of integrated protection systems using the most popular relays such as GE, SEL, ABB, Siemens and other IEDs applied on electric power systems.

P & C Engineering Services include:

Improvement in Protection Relay Performance

In case of a protection relay failure, a cascading failure followed by a large-scale outage is expected. It is essential that the actual operation of the existing protection relay be constantly reviewed. This includes the validity of the relay setting. Additionally, the computation analyses and surveys on operation of the protection relay during the potential disturbance are to be conducted for the current and future system in order to prevent a malfunction. HB-PSE has a wealth of experiences in operation practices regarding the reviewing of the relay operation analysis and setting coordination.

Protection & Control Design

HB-PSE provides the customers with a complete package of design protection and control for substations, ranging from 4.16kV to 500kV. The package will also include the theoretical and practical application of protective devices to high voltage transmission and generation equipment.
HB-PSE can accommodate customers new design requirement. This includes: battery system, protective relays, panel layout, and wiring practices. The versatile communications options will also be provided. This includes Ethernet, Wireless, and Satellite communication allowing worldwide remote diagnostics.

HB-PSE total solution includes all communication, automation, protection, and control equipment for new installations or for replacement of existing with the pre-wired modular building equipped with all necessary relays and devices or site-built control house.

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